Urban Properties, Inc.

Rent Information

Urban Properties, Incorporation. looks to help you be succesful in the market place. We provide flexible lease conditions which include month-to-month conditions to inspire start ups. Our requirements include clean credit, a sound business plan and reasonable reserves. We have got on occassion taken higher risk if we the business and you.


For our commercial places, we generally use the lease forms supplied by simply AIR Commercial Real estate property Connection for Standard Industrial/Commercial Multiple Tenant Lease-Gross. For a great example of this rent form click here.


All tenants are expected to carry liability insurance, with the lessor called as additional insured. Observe a copy of a great Acord 25 form name among our lessors because additional insured. For info on the buildings often expected because of your insurance carrier press here.

Tenant Info

When you have an authorized lease, most tenants can need to contact PG&E to have gas and electric service put found in name. Additionally, most prospects may have their own storage area service.